Tissue Queens

First Impressions

A few thoughts ran through my mind when I first read the name Tissue Queens. First among them was that it was a site about girls so hot that they make you cum and therefore you need tissues to clean up. Then I thought it might be about girls wrapped in tissue paper. It turns out this is a nude/non-nude site where girls lay wet tissues over their tits and pussies. They´re basically see through so you can glimpse everything but it´s not quite fully nude. I´ve never heard of a site doing this and at the very least I´m interested in seeing how the high quality stuff looks.

Hot Promises

They call the content at Tissue Queens extreme non-nude and they promise that it´s 100% exclusive, which seems perfectly believable. They show several photo previews and allow you to check out a video sample as well. The video is a good explanation of how the site works, actually. Other promises include a slideshow feature, two formats for each movie, weekly updates, access to other sites for free, bonus content, and high quality images. They mention high definition videos too but in a different area so who knows if it´s true.


When you enter the member´s area you´ll see the Tissue Queens featured model looking back at you. They list a profile for the girl and deliver a short write-up that should help you get to know her a little better. They have a list of the current 18 models on the right side of the page with a small picture of each girl. You´re much better off visiting the model page so you can get a full preview pic though. The four hottest galleries are featured, though it´s unclear what makes them the hottest. They look good though so it´s a worthy place to start your journey.

I´m sad to report that Tissue Queens no longer updates. In the past three years they´ve added just one picture set so you can feel confident that it won´t be getting any bigger than it already is. The collection stands at 57 galleries and 14 videos so it´s not terribly large. They offer bonus sites (a little more on those later) to help with the lack of content and they certainly accomplish that. Perhaps they stopped updating the site because people didn´t really respond to the content they were creating. I would imagine most guys would rather not have the tissues over the tits and the pussy and would rather just see that stuff naked or see the girl model some hot lingerie.

When you visit the model page you´ll see sexy pictures of all 18 girls looking their best. Most of the preview shots have them wearing their tissues. You can click the pics to read the profile and see all the content the girl has done. They lay out the picture galleries, videos and wallpapers with preview pictures for everything so you´re always just one little click away from having a good time with the tissue babes. While they provide a little bit of information on each girl even more would have been welcome. The chance to get to know young models like these well is one of the big attractions of a site like this.

If you don´t want to browse by model then just visit the photo or video page and see all the content in a list. Most sets have a description to key you into what the girl is wearing and what she does. Zip files are provided for the picture galleries and you can browse them in traditional thumbnailed sets as well. They let you control the size of the thumbs and the full pictures display at 1600px and look gorgeous. The photography is good and the settings are varied enough that you won´t get bored with the backgrounds. The videos can be downloaded in WMV at 1400kbps and 720x480 or MP4 (for your iPod) at 500kbps and 320x240. They can be streamed in the embedded Windows Media Player, which largely sucks.

The content at Tissue Queens tends to follow a typical pattern. Each set features a solo girl posing in something arousing. It can be lingerie, a pair of panties, a skirt and top, etc. It´s always attractive and the girl always looks good. She will pose in her outfit and she will do a striptease for you. During that striptease she will keep her bare titties and bare pussy out of your field of view. She hides and teases and tempts and that´s all part of the fun. When the clothing comes all the way off the tissue is placed over her tits and pussy and sprayed with water to make it stick.

You can basically see through the tissue so it´s not quite a non-nude site. If you´re staring at nipples and clearly seeing pussy lips then you´re getting quite a show. The tissue always looks a little bit funny to me but you really need to visit the site and see how you respond to it. I can say for sure that the models they´ve brought in are high caliber babes with terrific bodies. They have sexy tits and tight asses. They have taut tummies and pretty faces. They are excellent at teasing too as everything is really well executed.

In the pictures you rarely get to see the tissues being wetted down. That doesn´t make for a great picture. In the Tissue Queens videos you do get to witness that pleasure. Typically the girl is hiding her naughty parts from you when she grabs a tissue or two and lays them over her breasts. She has a spray bottle and pulls the handle to get wet and sticky. Just like that her breasts are hidden by tissue but mostly visible to you. The same goes for her pussy.

There are four bonus sites available to members. Three of the sites are home to sexy solo girls. None of the sites are updated. Naughty Paige is a non-nude girl with sweet eyes and a slender, sexy body. Yummi Lee is a non-nude Asian and she loves to tease so you can expect lots of flesh but no naked titties or pussy. Lil Emily is a little freer with her body so you should get a little nude action. Rear Frontier is a candid site that concentrates on the hot asses of ladies in public.

Croco´s Opinion

Tissue Queens is a niche site where ladies put tissues over their tits and then wet them down to make them stick. The girls are technically non-nude and they love to tease with their sexy tissue titties and pussies. The content is a little strange and they haven´t updated in three years so perhaps people just didn´t warm up to it. The girls are hot though and before they put on the tissues they tend to model lingerie and other sexy outfits so even if you´re not into the theme of the site you can find some pleasure here. The choice of 18 girls is nice too. Alas, there isn´t a great deal of value because they don´t update and they didn´t make much content. Four bonus sites helps so I´d say a month is worth a look if you like the theme of the site.


There are multiple ways to find the content and aside from a lack of information about the videos the site is well designed.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 for 30 days and $65.95 for 90 days.

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